The 27 Habits Of Successful And Happy People

The 27 Habits Of Successful And Happy People

The 27 Habits Of Successful And Happy People 1920 1280 Aaron Sansoni

Everyone’s idea of success and happiness is different, but there is a general consensus about the habits of highly successful and happy people. Here a list of some of our favorites for you to model;

1. They make the decision to control their own happiness by not constantly comparing themselves to others,

2. They don’t hold grudges, are gracious enough to forgive, but don’t forget in terms of learning from their mistakes or misjudgments,

3. They live in the present and plan ahead for the future, they don’t live in the past and dwell,

4. They make a conscious decision to surround themselves with positive people and avoid negative people,

5. They know how to say NO and will only say YES if they really want to,

6. They manage their time everyday – even their down time!

7. They knowwhich opinions to consider and which onesto ignore,

8. They work with purpose and a sense of direction at all times; if they start to waiver they sit down and reassess until they zero back in on their purpose and direction,

9. They always acknowledge and appreciate the small wins, while simultaneously always keeping the big wins in their focus,

10. They don’t believe in luck, or wait around for the perfect time, or the perfect opportunity. They take full responsibility for the success of their future,

11. They have mentors in life and in business that they touch base with regularly,

12. They know how important it is to keep changing, evolving and growing over time,

13. They focus on the future – who they want to be, and then plan in detail on how to get there,

14. They are confident in their motivations and decisions,

15. They know when to say sorry and they know when to admit they’ve made a mistake,

16. They know how to accept constructive criticism gracefully, and take it on board, regardless of who it came from (so long as it’s constructive, of course!),

17. They have morals and conviction and stand up for what they believe in, they do the right thing because it is the right thing, not for a reward or recognition,

18. They embrace challenge and see it as an opportunity to grow and learn,

19. They are open-minded and refuse to be ignorant and unaccepting,

20. They don’t whine! If they don’t like something, they work at fixing it, and they are smart enough to know when to let things go,

21. They believe in continual self-education and exploring new ideas that can help them,

22. They are risk takers and they use fear in a positive way,

23. They ask questions and don’t just leave things because ‘that’s the way they’ve always been done’,

24. They care for and want to give back to human kind. We are all related and all connected,

25. They have empathy, compassion and respect for others, irrespective of who they are,

26. They are always solutions focused,

27. And finally…. The big one… they simply do what others don’t want to do – they do what is DIFFICULT, and keep going!